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In the course of our lives we can find ourselves in difficult emotional terrain. We could be faced with a mountain to climb, all at sea or indecisive about a fork in the road. We may wish we had a map. As an astrologer, I will join you where you are right now and together we'll look at the map provided by astrology charts. A reading will offer you a new vantage point letting you see otherwise invisible connections and larger cycles, setting the current moment into context. It can give you a new perpective on yourself.

Or, to put it differently and quoting Alice Howell (Jungian analyst and astrologer), "astrology is like an x-ray: it can immediately guide you to the source of the problem". I believe the natal chart shows our automatic responses to life. By understanding it we can become more conscious of what drives us and of our potential. That in turn creates a pause, a space in which change becomes possible.

In a reading we can explore your natal chart, talk about where you find yourself at this point in time and look at your relationships, whether family, professional or romantic. To read your chart I need to know your date, place and time of birth (as accurately as possible). The time is very important, it's what makes your chart uniquely yours.

An in-depth reading lasts 90 minutes. The cost is £50. At the time of booking I'll ask for a deposit of £15 out of the total price and also for your birth data so I can prepare the relevant charts for the consultation.

We can meet over the internet (Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messeger etc.) or in person in Birmingham, UK.