Relax, create and learn - astrology mandalas workshop
14th October 2018, 2 - 4pm, Cherry Reds cafe, 88-91 John Bright St., B1 1BN, Birmingham

Mandalas, usually circular in shape, are diagrams of ordered elements understood to represent a totality, whether it's the Universe or the Self in Jungian psychology. Drawing them can help restore such order and integration to our inner life (as well as create an attractive image).

I've certainly enjoyed making these astrology illustrations and would like to share them with you. You can either pick some to colour in or create your own. I'll bring papers, the printed colouring sheets, compass, coloured pencils and some pens but feel free to bring your own materials (just please stick to dry media; no paints).

This workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in astrology, no previous knowledge needed. It has several aims:

* spend some relaxing time with a friendly group while creating

* learn/brush up on some important astrology concepts (I will explain the meaning of the drawings as you work) in a fun, imaginative way

* by engaging with these charts hands-on you will get to know their building blocks and internal relationships much more intimately then just listening to a talk

So far I have pictures of the following: The Zodiac (signs and rulership), Phases of the Moon, Astrological Aspects, Astrological Houses and The Seven Planetary Spheres

We will meet at Cherry Reds and have the Map Room to ourselves so it should be fairly peaceful. The room is upstairs, next to the bar. There will be an Astrology meetup sign on the door.

Please book your place through the Birmingham Astrology meetup here.

Introducing the Planets - an astrology workshop
7th October 2018, 2 - 4pm at Zen Digbeth, 162 High Street, Deritend, Birmingham, B12 0LD

If the planets ran a family business together what would be their roles and work attitudes? How to tell the current phase of the Moon from an astrology chart? What does it mean that a planet is in detriment?

This workshop is suitable for beginners and those who wish to revise their astrological knowledge or help place it in context. It will introduce you to the character of the planets, their different expression in signs and houses and the concept of rulership. We will also take a look at planetary aspects and get an overview of planets in transit.

There will be illustrations, example charts and a place for your questions.

Book your place with the Zen shop on 0121 449 4285


Introduction to Chart Reading - an astrology workshop
28th July, 2 - 4pm at Zen Digbeth, 162 High Street, Deritend, Birmingham, B12 0LD

This workshop will give an overview of three basic building blocks of a horoscope: houses and hemispheres, sign elements and sign modalities. These have been chosen because analysing and combining them provides an outline of the personality behind the chart.

I will explain the three topics using hand-illustrated diagrams. Participants will be able to take these home as a printed handout. I will demonstrate each topic on an example chart and in the last part of the workshop we will analyse several charts together, applying the new information in practice.

The workshop is suitable for beginners, no previous knowledge of astrology needed. Those with some understanding may find a fresh new angle on the basics.