My name is Eva and I'm a down-to-earth triple Capricorn with a caring Cancer rising and philosophical Mercury/Neptune in Sagittarius that always looks to the stars and seeks to understand. I grew up in the Czech Republic and now live in the UK which gives me the experience of more than one culture, more than one language, sympathy for places inbetween. I am very much interested in the interplay between the body and the mind, mysteries of the unconscious and have experience of long-term psychotherapy as a client. I'm a mum of one and previously worked with plant dyes at Tinctory.

I believe a birth chart is a thing of great beauty and always needs to be treated with gentleness and respect as it represents a unique person with all their hopes and fears, a living, breathing star on Earth. I also believe in astrology that is practical and grounded in everyday life.

I'm a member of the Birmingham Astrology meetup, a friendly local group that meets to exchange knowledge and discuss everything astrology.